Please read through and consider all of the following before applying for press.

Please submit only one application per media outlet or organization.

All applicants must be at least 18 years old. We do welcome student journalists on a non-personal assignment representing schools with a student ID.

Applying for press credentials does not automatically grant you approval. A media outlet that was approved in the prior year is not guaranteed approval for the current year.

Only applicants from media outlets or organizations that have existed for at least two years will be considered.

If you are applying with multiple members from a media outlet or organization, all members may not be approved.

Arriving at the convention and applying for press will not be allowed. There will be no on-site press badge registration. We will not add or change reporters onsite for web-based media without prior permission from the press coordinator.

The Anime Matsuri Press Team reserves the right to deny an application for any suitable reason.

Approved press may not charge money and profit from photography or videography.

You may not be approved for press for the following reasons:

Applicants who are personal bloggers or cosplay and convention photographers that are not associated with a media outlet.

Applicants who have limited distribution.

Members who do not work in reporting roles for media outlets.

Applicants who were press at Anime Matsuri 2022 and did not publish or send media coverage to us.

Applicants who are photographers or videographers that profit from photo or video shoots.

Media outlets whose main content does not focus on Japanese culture or anime.

Proof of Credentials

Print Media and Student Press

Provide at least three examples of your work (articles, reports, etc.) from your media outlet, a copy of your press credentials, and also (if applicable) a letter of intent on company letterhead from your supervisor/teacher/editor to cover the event.

Film, Podcast, or Broadcast Media/Press

Provide at least three examples of your work (previous video clips, podcasts, DVD/Video releases, etc.), a copy of your press credentials, and also (if applicable) a letter of intent on company letterhead from your supervisor/editor to cover the event.

Internet Based Media/Press

Provide at least three examples of your work (URL links to articles), a copy of your press credentials, and also (if applicable) a letter of intent on company letterhead from your supervisor/editor to cover the event.

Privileges and Rules for Approved Press During the Convention

Press Badge Pick-up

Press badge pick-up will be located at the booth labeled “Will Call” on the first floor of the George R. Brown Convention Center.

You are required to show a government issued ID, student ID, or an employee issued photo ID.

If multiple press badges are issued to a media outlet, badges must be picked up by each member individually with their ID.

If a press badge is lost, please check the first floor center desk located outside Hall D. If a reprint is needed, the same rules as the general attendee registration will apply.

Privileges provided by Press Pass during the convention

One 4-Day pass for the applicant. This will allow you to enter all events, panels, and public convention areas of the hotel and convention center for the duration of the convention.

Allows early entry into certain events. You will be made aware of these events through e-mail prior to the convention.

A Press Kit will be sent to press members one week before the convention.

Allows access to the Press Lounge. The exact location and hours will be provided to approved press members.

Privileges NOT provided by Press Pass during the convention

This pass does not provide you a free hotel room, free travel, or free food for the duration of the convention. Please plan accordingly.

This pass does not allow access to the VIP or priority seating area during all main events, concerts, or panels.

This pass does not allow preferential treatment during autograph sessions.

This pass does not allow you access to private or staff areas within the convention center or hotels.

Seating, Photography and Video Recording Rules

Photography and/or video recording is allowed in all panels, events, and public convention areas (unless stated otherwise), except main events concerts. Only exceptions are official Anime Matsuri staff photographers and pre-approved press members.

All press members wanting to photograph the main events must be pre-approved.

A listing of all panels and events that will not allow photography or video recording will be provided prior to the convention.

Press members may sit in the press seating area at Main Events for applicable events. Depending on availability, this area is not guaranteed. It is recommended to arrive at least 30-45 minutes before general seating starts. If desired, members can also arrive at the Press Lounge at least 45 minutes prior to an event where you can be escorted to the press seating area.

Press Interviews

If you would like to interview one of our guests and you are approved as press, we will provide you a form to fill out for requests.

Interview requests are not a guarantee as they are subject to the guest’s availability.

Access to the press room for interviews are subject to space and time.

Press members are expected to arrive prepared and at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled interviews.

Press members are not allowed to ask for autographs or personal photos during the scheduled interview

All interview questions and photo or video requests for coverage must be pre-approved by the press coordinator prior to the interview.

Consequences for not adhering to the Media/Press Rules

Professional behavior is expected as you are representing your media outlet/organization. You are expected to follow all Anime Matsuri policies. Please interact with staff, attendees, and other media outlets in a professional and respectful manner. Please note that all attending members from your media outlet/organization along with the media outlet/organization, where applicable, will be held liable for your actions.

Badge removal, and/or possible removal from the convention center and/or hotel.

Removal for consideration for a press badge for the following year at Anime Matsuri. If the offense is severe, a longer penalty may be enacted.