Anime Matsuri and Pony Canyon proudly present the premiere of Mecha-Ude (Mechanical Arms). We will be screening Episode 1 and 2 of the new season set to launch in October 2024. This will be the first time Ep2 will be shown globally. Director Okamoto and Producer Aso Shuichi will join us for this premiere.

This premiere will be subbed. There is limited capacity so we require everyone to RSVP to attend.

Animator “Okamoto” will serve as director and original creator at up and coming “TriF Studio” in Fukuoka, Japan for an original animation project. The story centers on the adventures and battles of ordinary junior high schooler Hikaru and “Ude (Arm)” shaped machine life form

“Mecha-Ude” named Alma who can combine (derize) with humans.

The “Mecha-Ude” Project began with a short PV on YouTube, then went on to run an internationally successful crowdfunding campaign to fund production. A main goal of the project from the outset, a full length “Mecha-Ude” anime series has finally been confirmed! Having attracted worldwide attention from fans, it will begin broadcast in October 2024!

Special Guests

Aso Shuichi. Producer.
Okamoto. Director.


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