Anime Matsuri presents sensational Kpop group Verivery Live in Houston at Anime Matsuri 2023.

Verivery will host a live concert, autograph session, hi-touch and fan panel for the fans.

As an Anime Matsuri 2023 attendee you may attend the concert at no extra charge. However, if you want the extra perks like autographs, hi-touch or first access to the concert hall and fan panel, special tickets go on sale this Thursday, June 15 at 8pm CST.

Don’t forget to download the official Anime Matsuri 2023 app when it launches for the current schedule.

Formed in September 2021 with ASH (Vo.) , Narukaze (Gt.) , Sato (Ba.) , WANI (Dr.) and Dhalsim (DJ). ASH’s vocal power and the overwhelming LIVE performance released by the entire band, which expresses ROCK, PUNK, and HIP HOP with songs and phantasmagoric styles, are a must-see.

ASH DA HERO also performed the opening song called ‘Judgement’ of the hit anime BLUE LOCK.

The will perform live on Saturday in Hall A.

Gacharic Spin is a Japanese rock band formed in Tokyo in 2009. Initially releasing music independently, the band later signed with Victor Entertainment. Known for their flamboyant, aggressive performances, they have toured Japan extensively and performed internationally at conventions and festivals in USA, East Asia, and Europe. They debuted in North America at Anime Matsuri in 2011, and have attended the convention 3 times since then.

The band has acted as motion capture models for the 2011 video game Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Extend, coached the performers of Japanese idol girl group AKB48, had a song featured in anime series Dragon Ball Kai, promoted parasports with “warrior painter” Masayuki Kōjō, and collaborated with Takayoshi Ohmura.