World Cosplay Summit Judges Announced

Based out of the good old Pacific Northwest, Krystal (Better known in the cosplay world as Sumikins) has been cosplaying since 2002, and defines cosplay as The Monster That Consumed Her Life and Money.
Since 2007 she’s been an active member of the cosplay group “Ninja of the Night” and along with her team-mates has performed in upwards of 15 skits at conventions and events across the country, taking home multiple performance awards as well as features on sites such as Kotaku and G4′s “Attack of the Show”. One half of World Cosplay Summit Team USA 2010, Krystal has judged multiple cosplay events within the United States and abroad, and is absolutely thrilled to be back behind the judges table for an event that is so near and dear to her heart.

Bill Winans of is a Georgia-based props and armor maker with over a decade of experience.
He has been active in the convention community for several years and has been a guest at conventions across the United States as well as in Europe.
He has mastered a variety of techniques, ranging from metal- and leatherworking to sculpting and resin casting. His experiences helped him become an enthusiastic teacher who enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences with fellow con-goers.

Hailing from Chicago, Rynn has been an active member of the cosplay community since 2003 and has attended cosplay events throughout the US, Japan and Germany.
An award winning seamstress and performer, Rynn has been featured in a variety of media worldwide, including Newtype magazine, Cosmode, Kotaku, MSNBC, and G4’s “Attack of the Show”. In 2010, Rynn and her partner Sumikins represented the United States in the World Cosplay Summit.
As a past WCS contestant, Rynn is thrilled to be a part of the US finals at Anime Matsuri and sends a big “GOOD LUCK!” to all of the competitors. Being a part of the cosplay events at Matsuri is truly an honor and Rynn can’t want to see what everyone brings to the table in 2013.


Heidi Shimada is an award-winning Hawaii cosplayer. She has been cosplaying since 2007 and currently assists the World Cosplay Summit as the US Coordinator. While she has not participated in World Cosplay Summit, Heidi specializes in organization, communicating with convention chairs, and also doubles as the US Japanese translator.
On her days off from cosplay and her day job as a professional sadist, Heidi (also known as Sado) is the manager at Yu x Me: Maid Cafe & Host Club, based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Anime Matsuri’s Cosplay Director, Maria started cosplaying smaller projects which very quickly escalated to ones that were armor and prop intensive, this was the time when childhood friend and practically brother, Turi was recruited and GS Props was formed.
It has since been a non-stop journey working together and combining skills to bring all sorts projects to life. What they lack in years of experience they made up through hard work, constant persistence and many sleepless late nights and weekends, eventually mastering many techniques and skills for both personal projects and commissions. Based out of Houston, TX.

Lynleigh Sato has been a part of the costuming scene since 1999. With more awards under her belt than she can remember, plus a BFA in Fashion Design and Costuming, Lynleigh now lends her skills to judge cosplay events at local Los Angeles conventions. In 2005, she was selected to represent team USA at the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya, Japan.
As a result, she now is the WCS US Preliminary Assistant Organizer and qualifier judge! Despite it all, Lynleigh still loves to just cosplay for fun, compete in Masquerades, and run her business Sweet Rococo – a custom design Lolita dress shop.