What keeps us going?

Today we received a message from Sumner Bukoski, a fan on Facebook:

“Not even sure this is going to be read, but in case it does, know that a lot of people and myself are looking SO forward to this particular convention.
Im putting a lot of effort and money into 3 costumes that hopefully will get some head turns. I plan to debut these costumes at Matsuri above all conventions, because ever since I worked the con 2 years back and got to know the staff and their attitude, it’s been evident that my group and I should show the same enthusiasm for Japanese culture/Anime/Video games.

Thanks so much for being Matsuri!”

We don’t stop trying to host a better con and messages like this is what keeps us going .We feel very blessed for the opportunity to serve all our fans. Here’s to 2013. Thank you!

The AM Team