Waveya Cosplay Costumes Revealed

At Anime Matsuri, every guest gets involved in the festivities! The popular Korean dance group, Waveya will be performing during the AM Cosplay Contest Half-Time Show…in cosplay. The girls said they love watching anime, but this will be their first time performing in Cosplay. The group will perform the routine to T-ARA’s Roly Poly.

We asked the girls what characters they wanted to be and after 2 weeks of deciding, the list is in!

We support and enjoy working with cosplayers around the country. Thanks to our Cosplay Guest, Rynn for putting together a group of awesome people who will be working on the Waveya outfits and have them ready in time for the con. Tarisa Walker, Andrea Zerpaderpa and Danielle Roelandt have been sewing, dying, sculpting and styling to create the five adorable outfits that will end up on stage. Wigs are provided by Gothic Lolita Wigs.

The AM Cosplay Contest is on Saturday at 5pm – 7.30pm in The Main Events Arena! For a chance to perform on stage with Waveya during the Half-Time Show visit HERE!