Vocaloid Contest Winners

We have our 20 winners to the Hatsune Miku Live event!

Every winner MUST confirm attendance by Sunday, Nov 6th, 2011 or we will release your ticket to someone else!!
To confirm, send an email to info@animematsuri.com with ‘Vocaloid Contest Winner’ in the subject field
(Winners were picked at random from the list of pre-registered attendees)
Contest Winners:

1. Gwyneth Rufer
2. John Nguyen
3. Joseph Smith
4. Jacqueline Valle
5. Matthew Bryant
6. Jose Luis Cantu
7. Stephanie Soto
8. Missy Baxter
9. John Kinsey
10. Sarah Lentz
11. Sierra Adolph
12. Yi Zhou
13. Jerry Cole
14. Fei-Pi Tai
15. Bre Cline
16. Jennifer Hernandez
17. Jacob West
18. Ashley Lozano
19. Leslie Hermes
20. Christina Polman

Event Details:
Event: Hatsune Miku Live Party 2011 Screening
Location: Edwards MarqE Theater (I10/Silber)
Time: 7pm (Contest winners please arrive at 6.30pm)
Date: November 10th, 2011

Event information/Tickets here