Stephanie Young voices Mirai

When we decided to give Mirai a voice and personality, we could think of no one else but the amazing Stephanie Young (voice of Clare in Claymore, among many others).

* Deneice Leigh, David Brehm, Stephanie Young and John Leigh

Anime Matsuri 2008 was her first convention appearance and we struck friendship with her and husband on a high note.
Deneice had called her and discussed the project with her. Stephanie’s response was, “Thank you for asking me to voice your mascot! I would love to do it.”
We sent her sketches and artwork from the animation with a script and a few days later we had the voice files in our hands. At the time Leon had been hard at work for two weeks making all the illustrations, so we had some artwork to sync the voice with. The great thing about working with such talent is everything becomes so much easier, Stephanie got into character, read the lines and the rest was history.