Square Enix Character Goods Store

The Square Enix Character Goods Store in Shibuya-ku is a must visit for not just Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest fans but for everyone.

This is not your typical shop. Yes, you can purchase your favorite figurines and wall scrolls, but more importantly you immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Square Enix.

I visited this store for the first time years ago and it still takes my breath away every time I walk in. This time, I visited with our Artist Alley Director, Leon Keyes. Watching his expressions and awe in the store was priceless.

A modded RX7 FD parked outside a store that sells Final Fantasy merchandise and jewelry. We’re definitely in the right place. – John Leigh

Leon: The franchises were literally on full display when I walked through the front doors. From plush toys to wall scrolls to clothing and music, Square Enix’s cash cows were available to anyone and everyone …and I wanted more!

John: The Front part of the store has stuffed toys, games, cds and gashapons. Mostly Dragon Quest goodies!

Leon: The front room had affordable figures and plush toys from both series, but Dragon Quest seemed to dominate with all the various merchandise geared toward a younger age group. Puzzles, lunchboxes, stuffed animals, etc… this was a Dragon Quests fan’s fantasy treasure room. Next to the Square Enix library of music and games, were clothing apparel and wall scrolls that showed off the style of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

John: the upper level in the back has jewelry, figurines, and most importantly Sephiroth in the floor!

Leon: Final Fantasy’s merchandise seemed geared toward the collector with it’s high level of quality and detail that would make you question ever opening the box in fear of devaluing the product. With figures ranging from the size of a car key to the size of a water bottle each piece had the same high level of detail that you would expect from the actual games themselves.

Leon: The craftsmanship really showed the high standards and pride Square has for its franchise. Near the back of the store the quality and prices would continue to rise.

Leon: Even further was Square Enix’s authentic jewelry collection that was inspired and taken directly from various characters in their long list of games. If you ever wanted to cosplay as a character from FF or any other Square Enix game and needed a piece of jewelry the character actually wore, here would be the place to get it. Just make sure you bring your credit card and a bodyguard, cause this jewelry is as legit as it gets. Too many zeros next to that number and yen sign.

John: Square Enix licenses characters from other franchises under their Play Arts Kai line. Really cool stuff!

John: one of my favorite pictures, a figurine of Ryu unleashing a fireball

John: What we all wish our bedrooms looked like!

John: Walking into this store is a reminder why we host Anime Matsuri: promoting those little cool things that makes us happy. Thank you Japan!

John: A few of the vendors at Anime Matsuri carry Square Enix merchandise, make sure to check them out!


Photography by John Leigh. ©2012 Anime Matsuri