Reika joins cast of Anime Matsuri’s J-Fashion Show


Worlds will collide as Reika joins Anime Matsuri’s 2014 Japanese Fashion Show. Reika plays Prince Tristan in the fairytale titled ‘Once Upon A Wish’ and will be dressed in Alice & The Pirates designed by Tomomi Nakamura.
Reika joins Midori Fukasawa, Misako Aoki, Akira, Mai Yamamoto, Karen Li, Aya Ikeda, Yui Minakata, Kyle Landry and a supporting cast of models from all over the country.

The dynamic show, hosted in George R Brown Convention Center’s General Assembly, features clothing labels, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, Alice & The Pirates and Putumayo for the first time on stage in an original production by Anime Matsuri.

‘Once Upon A Wish’ will debut outfits designed by Tomomi Nakamura, Masumi Kano and Shunsuke Hasegawa and is written and directed by John Leigh.

For details on the Fashion Show, go here!

Join us on March 14, 2014!