Mai Yamamoto X Anime Matsuri

Mai Yamamoto, World Champion aerial silk gymnast, synchronized swimmer  and performer in Cirque Du Soleil ‘O’ will be performing the opening act to JFashion at Anime Matsuri to a soundtrack Composed by Daisuke Ishiwatari and Yoshihiro Kusano.

Mai is excited to spread awareness of Japanese talent all over the world and this year she brings a breath-taking performance to Anime Matsuri.

Her act takes her up high into the air as she performs her routine without safety wires or net. We have been discussing the possibility and logistics of this routine with Mai for some time. We wanted to do something our attendees have not experienced before and we believe after months of planning, we have can bring this stunning performance to our the convention.

She will perform live on Friday at the JFashion Show. She will also host a panel and autograph session that weekend. Let’s give her a big welcome!