Lunch at Gundam Cafe

While we are in Tokyo for meetings last month at the Tokyo Game Show, we stopped at Akihabara to pick up an Arcana Heart 3 Examu board for Planet Zero Anime Center. On the way back to the station we stopped to have a late lunch at Gundam Cafe, near the station.

When we got there there was quite a line, yes a long line. While waiting in line, the fine people of this cafe give you a large umbrella to shade yourself from the sun. When you get to the door, you simply give it back. +1 for Japan!

This Gundam themed cafe is a must-visit for any anime fans. If you are in Tokyo…go there. You won’t regret it! It has a shop with merchandise and of course the cafe.There’s also a large parking in the back and a valet for giant robots. I’m also told if you’re from The Principality of Zeon, you get a 10% discount. Imagine that!

A cute girl dressed in uniform showed us inside and we made our way to the counter to order. We were presented with the Japanese menu and Alin pretended he could read it. Luckily, I’m an expert at reading/writing Japanese so i pointed to the some interesting looking green ice cream.

The cute girl behind the counter smiled at me as I ordered and I figured perhaps the Anime Matsuri Badge might pass for a Principality of Zeon ID, so I showed it to her. She gave me a chilling look…

…and handed me an english menu. Well played o_O

YES!! Gundam Ice Cream!! Must have…!!

And I did…I ordered the Gundam Ice Cream and Alin ordered a crazy looking red drink called ‘Enter The Atmosphere’!

I also had some fantastic mocha drink.

The food and drinks were delicious and creative to say the least.

This should make anyone want to go to this cafe but JUST IN CASE you need some more convincing, take a look at the bathroom in the video below!!!!

Gundam Pilot John out!