Letter from World Cosplay Summit US Organizer

Welcome to the World Cosplay Summit US Preliminaries rounds at Anime Matsuri 2013. Over the course of this convention, we are welcoming teams of cosplayers from around the country to compete for the opportunity of traveling to Japan and representing the United States on the stage of international cosplay.

This will be a busy convention for the US Preliminaries competitors, as Anime Matsuri is serving host to two distinct phases of competition: the Gulf Regional Qualifier, and the US Finals competition. Both the Gulf Regional Qualifier and the US Finals will be taking place on Sunday March 31, 2013 (exact times to be announced soon). We expect them to be scheduled as separate events.

Only the Gulf Regional teams will be competing during the Preliminaries event. The winning team from the Preliminaries will then move on to the US Finals.

Later in the day, all regional finalists from across the continental United States and Hawaii will come together to compete for the WCS US team slot.

The format for both phases will be pairs competition. Teams are expected to submit a resume via the WCS US Preliminaries form on this site. As a competitor, you will need to provide information about your group, source material, content of the performance, and any necessary props or technical considerations. Please see the rules section for all the details.

Craftsmanship judging will be separate from the performance section of the event and you will schedule a time to see the judges. The preliminary events will be a full performance with stage and sound in front of an audience of convention attendees, and be streamed to the rest of the world.

To all the finalists so far: Congratulations! Your hard work and dedication to the craft are what we hope to bring to Japan. World Cosplay Summit is about so many things, from love of anime, manga and video game culture to craftsmanship and performance. Most importantly, though, it is about building friendships within the hobby, with cosplayers in the United States and throughout the world. We look forward to sharing the true World Cosplay Summit experience with the winning team, from high-profile media coverage to small gatherings of friends in unique settings. We hope that the winning team fosters new friendships and has as much fun as we had when we were competing. World Cosplay Summit is a unique family that we are excited to welcome you all to.

Thank you for taking part and being a part of the WCS community.

Laura Butler
US Organizer
Tokyo Kitty – Team 2005

Lynleigh Sato
US Assistant Organizer
Love Meeko – Team 2005

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