Jump Shop at Tokyo Dome

There are many reasons for our fascination with Japanese pop culture. Last week we were reminded of another one.

This is The Jump Shop at Tokyo Dome City in Tokyo. We were here attending the Lucky Star Stage Musical playing at the G-Rosso theater last week, which turned out to be a complete blast. But more of that later!
The Jump Shop has games, cool displays, books, merchandise, and even a fast food restaurant.

The closest we’ll get to cool merchandise of this sort is the Dealer Room at Anime Conventions. The atmosphere however is a different story!

There’s something about walking into a place that seems right out of a manga you just read or a show you just watched.

Photography was not allowed in the G-Rosso Theater for Lucky Star. I wish there was. Ran Sakai was unbelievable as Konata! Maybe one day we’ll have a similar musical in USA!

- John Leigh

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