Hawaii’s youngest lolita meets Midori Fukasawa

A couple of weeks ago, myself, Deneice, Reika and Midori were in Hawaii shooting promotional material for Anime Matsuri’s J-Fashion Show. I decided to keep our presence there low key mainly because we had a lot to do and little time to do it. However when a request came in to attend a tea party and surprise a five year old, I could not pass it up.


Meet Bella, Daughter of Dana and Susana, two cosplayers who live in Hawaii and run a company called Cosmic Koi. She is Hawaii’s youngest Lolita.


We would have loved to meet all the Lolitas in Hawaii but it was just not possible due to time constraints. I requested a small intimate gathering. Our friend/staff, Heidi who worked hard to put this event together also used this opportunity to welcome back her friend Erica.


The venue was The Tea Farm Cafe on South king Street in Honolulu. A cozy place and perfect for a small Tea Party. Heidi had invited about 10 people and tried to keep it a surprise from them.


The Tea Farm Cafe served a variety of teas, deserts, soup and other delicious food items.


Midori and Deneice dressed in Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and Reika in Alice & the Pirates, we joined the party.


Everyone was dress in mostly Baby or Alice. Bella was dressed in Bodyline, which her parents had to modify with additional flowers. They told me they were sad ‘Baby, The Stars Shine Bright’ did not make dresses for kids. Not yet at least…


It was our first time meeting Lolitas from Hawaii, the pleasure was ours.


I have no idea why Heidi had a ship on her head, perhaps it was a nod to Reika’s character in the J-Fashion Show. Either way, everyone looked beautiful.


Bella’s parents, Susana and Dana with Reika


Midori brought a gift for Bella and the little girl’s expression was priceless


I asked Reika what she thought about her first Tea Party, she answered “I love it, can I attend the one in Houston in March?”


Midori signed books for everyone


Susana, Dana, Bella and Midori


Hawaii was a great place with very welcoming people. We want to thank the Tea Farm Cafe for their hospitality and for hosting us in such short notice. We recommend this cafe to everyone. Go to www.theteafarm.com for more information on it.


For the 4 days prior we had to wake up at 4.30am to get ready to catch the sunrise on location so we had little time to spare. However was this worth it? This photograph answers that question without any words.


Thank you to everyone who made this possible, especially to Bella’s parents. Even though she got carried away with the ice cream, Bella knew how to act proper, sip tea, curtsy while greeting.
I came here to inspire someone and behold, I got inspired myself.
Thank you Hawaii. Until next time…

Don’t forget you can buy Lolita Tea Party tickets for both Saturday and Sunday Tea Parties at Anime Matsuri here

- John Leigh