From Flash to HTML

Since 2007, we have expressed our inner otaku by websites, illustrated, animated and produced in Flash technology. Our Chairman once said the Anime Matsuri experience begins with our website.The fans could click around and interact with the website creating a bond between user and the upcoming convention. The website created a basis for imagining how the anime world feel like, if we were all in it.
Flash is a great tool, for animation, but more importantly for interactivity. However it has its downsides. As our websites became generally more complex, the demand for hardware resources went up. Mobiles devices not supporting flash was also an issue.

We decided for 2012, we would go to HTML format and focus more on content and useability. No matter the result, we did not want to compromise on the experience of the fans while browsing around.

Enter The Angry Angry Asian.

Some of you may remember David (ex Studio Moshin) from the AM Artists Alley, a phenomenal illustrator. We brought him on board to draw and paint Mirai and Dark Mirai. He joined Artists Alley Director, Leon in creating all the illustrations and banners for the website.

Since we view Anime Matsuri as a place where reality and imagination are come together, we decided to put our mascots on a backdrop of a real aerial photograph of The Woodlands. The results were stunning.

The question of whether we could make capture the magic of our previous flash websites in HTML was answered by that image.

We would love to hear your feedback!