Exploring AM2013 Photography Locations

The Skyline District of Downtown Houston has changed dramatically in the last few years. If you have not been to Downtown lately, you will remember it from when it was not very pretty. This is not the case anymore, for the city of Houston has done(and keeps doing) a fantastic job.

Discovery Green, the Metro Rail, shopping, restaurants and The Greenlink are just examples of  how serious Houston is taking the overhaul of Downtown.

One question we keep getting is what will photography here look like. Lot’s of cosplayers wanting to organize meet-ups and photoshoots with little idea of where they can take pictures and what those backdrops will look like.

We walked around one block from the Hyatt and took some pictures to give you guys an idea of the area looks like. There are more areas to explore!

Our friend George from Dinnerfortwo photography has also put up an album of pictures around the Hyatt Regency which you can view here

If you are planning a meetup or group photography session, make a Facebook event and tag us, we will promote it on our official page and website and put it on our schedule!

As usual, all feedback is welcome!

Stand by for details on the Anime Matsuri 2013 photography contest!