Cosplay Cash Prizes for 2013 now $1000

The one thing about hosting a convention of this size is you cannot run away from the responsibility of advancing the communities. In this case, the cosplay community that has graced our hallways and stages with tremendous talent and creativity has expanded at our convention beyond what we thought it would in six short years.

A few years ago, we started giving away cash prizes to our winners. At this time no other convention was doing in this area which drew some criticism. Regardless of whether some thought it was a bad idea, we did it to give back to the cosplayers who worked so hard and spent their hard earned money to entertain everyone. We also understand money is not the reason anyone should get into cosplay, the most rewarding experience is getting your photos taken by lots of fans, photographers, media, etc. The cash prize is a Thank You from us.

For 2013, we are on track to having a record number of attendees at our brand new location in Downtown Houston. We have also doubled our cash prize for the cosplay contest to $1000 to celebrate this amazing art. This change is an increase in the cash prize from Anime Matsuri and does not affect the other sponsored prizes.

The breakdown will be $800 for Best of Show and $200 for Runner-up.

The Anime Matsuri Cosplay Contest is held on Saturday, March 30th, 2013 in the Main Events Arena.

Get your costumes ready!