Cosplay Contest Digital Backdrop Option

For 2013 we are adding the option for participants in the Cosplay Contest to utilize our huge LED Wall on stage by creating their own digital backgrounds during their walk-ons or skits.

Our huge LED Wall which hangs behind the stage is usually used for our Concerts and Fashion Show, so we thought why not the Cosplay Contest too. This will add that extra pazazz needed to make your performance a masterpiece and wow the crowd.

This option is for all categories, walk-ons and skits.

You can also use video on the all for your performance. Video option is for skits only. If you want to use a video for your skit, please send an email requesting this to cosplay(at)animematsuri(dot)com

How will this work?
It’s quite simple. When submitting your entry for the Cosplay Contest online, the form has an option for you to upload an image.
This image will beĀ  displayed on the LED Wall when you are announced on stage transforming the background into something out of the anime you are cosplaying from
The image could be of mountains, clouds, space, a burning castle, stars…use your imagination.
You could even create your own original artwork if you have the skills to do so.

All submitted images must be 1920 x 1080 pixels and in jpg format in color or black/white. No text on images, only artwork.

If you do not submit an image, the screen will remain black during your performance.

Will the judges give me extra points for the image?
While you do not score points directly for the background, it can create an atmosphere which can enhance your performance resulting in a stronger skit/walk-on. Use your imagination to wow the judges and audience.


Here’s an example, this could be the backdrop of a cool Ninja Skit:

Or this for a Silent Hill Walk-on:

You get the point!

The point of this option, is to give cosplayers and extra tool in their performance and push their moment on stage even further into the world they are creating. Use technology to your advantage!

As with all new options, we would love to hear everyone’s opinions and feedback to this. Please let us know what you think on our Facebook