Cosplay at Tokyo Game Show 2011

Myself and Alin arrived Tokyo at 5pm on Thursday for several meetings at Tokyo Game Show. The four day event was open to only business and media on Thursday and Friday and to the public on the last two days.
On Saturday and Sunday, in the space between the exhibit halls, there is an event called Cosplay at TGS. The is where amazing cosplayers and photographers come together to make the world a better place.

The code of this event is simple. All cosplayers stand by the wall, photographers form lines in front of the cosplayers you wish to capture and when your turn comes up, you negotiate some poses with the cosplayer and create some magic on film.

Me and Alin took turns in shooting using mostly a 50mm lens on my Canon 7D.

The cosplayers are extremely polite, professional, respectful and easy to work with. You can ask them for contact info and give them your details so they can also enjoy your work of art.

Everyone was having a good time. There were cosplayers of all ages, male and female and everyone was having fun.

We were running late for a meeting so we could only get a fraction of the cosplayers. Every picture captured put a smile on our faces.

There were more professional Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras here than at an NBA game. It was just incredible.

Perhaps in the future we’ll give an AM attendee the opportunity to come and pose for the cameras at Tokyo Game Show.

If you’ve never cosplayed before, you should try it once. Pick the costume of a character you like and and show the world. We guarantee you will feel liberated.

We would like to thank all the awesome cosplayers who let us shoot them for, some of which are probably reading this now. We had a great time and we’ll be back again to do it next year.

Since the amount of media has doubled for AM2012, we hope to see more cosplay-photographer action! Regardless if you are entering the Cosplay Contest or just cosplaying casually, create a forever lasting moment in front of a camera!

-John L.