Cosplay at TGS 2012

Myself, Leon Keyes and Alin Danila were in Japan for six days for a bunch of scheduled meetings for Anime Matsuri. On Saturday, September 22nd, we had a few hours to spare photographing Cosplayers at the Tokyo Game Show.

Cosplay is a big attraction at TGS. Thousands of cameras go off as the cosplayers pose for the photographers in an area between the exhibit halls at Makuhari Messe in Japan.

The rules are pretty simple: the cosplayers take spots with their backs to the wall and the photographers form lines in front of each cosplayer. The cosplayer gives each photographer some time to snap and direct his/her poses, and everything else is history. Sometimes, when the cosplayer is running out of time with a huge  line still left, they give permission to the photographers to form a circle around them and snap away before he/she leaves.

Depending on the popularity of the cosplayer, lines can have up to 1hr wait…sometimes more. Yeah, it’s pretty crazy. Even with the huge crowd, it’s amazing how organized it is. Everyone is very respectful of each other.

Naturally, we couldn’t photograph everyone and it was so crowded we barely had space to move, however we still got some cool shots. Enjoy!

Cosplaying is so much fun, I recommend everyone try it!

- John Leigh

Photography by John Leigh and Alin Danila. ©2012 Anime Matsuri