Beauty by You, Make up by Dior

Believe in yourself! We took four Anime Matsuri attendees and turned them into Dior make up models.


A few weeks ago Anime Matsuri announced a collaboration with make up and fashion giant, Dior. This was a surprise to most of the attendees because Dior is not a company you usually find in the anime convention circuit.

The key to this collaboration is our Japanese Fashion or J-Fashion Show. Since it’s debut at Anime Matsuri in 2008, it has grown to become the biggest Japanese Fashion Show in the country with top labels, designers and models from Japan.

The heart of the J-Fashion Show lies in the runway models. Besides the Japanese models, almost everyone on the runway is an attendee of the convention, some with little or no prior runway experience.

When the opportunity presented itself to promote Dior at Anime Matsuri, naturally we picked four attendees. Meet Shai, Rose, Meci and Fifi and see the results below.


Name: Shai’ Bon-Bon
Job: Student
From: New Orleans Louisiana
Likes: Sewing, Drawing and Sleeping
Loves: Lolita Fashion
Notes: Shai is an aspiring Fashion Designer at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette. She says her home is in the studio, even though her dad owns a cool place in New Orleans. Her dad also drove her to Houston and back, the same day for the shoot. Dad loves her, so do we.


Name: Rose Aurum
Job: Web Designer
From: Houston, Texas
Likes: Video Games, Painting and Cosplay
Loves: Food and more food
Notes: When we asked Rose to model for Dior, she gave the most surprised look ever and said, “Are you sure? Not only do I never wear make up except when I’m cosplaying, I have absolutely no idea how to be a model”. Little did she know she would make a fantastic model.


Name: Cherry Hime
Job: Student
From: Houston, Texas
Likes: The internet, Foreign Languages and Fashion
Loves: Lolita Fashion
Notes: Meci (pronounced Mee-Cee), drove all the way from Dallas where she goes to school to be in this shoot. This worked out great because her family lives in Houston. During the shoot, she kept asking, “What should I do with my hands?” Deneice replied, “Have you seen Madonna’s Vogue video?”


Name: Fifi Phi
Job: Librarian (yes really)
From: Houston, Texas
Likes: Party Music, Photography and blogging
Loves: Being a librarian
Notes: Fifi is a contributor on We Wear Things and knows a few things about fashion. During the shoot, Deneice asked her what her job was. She adjusted her black framed glasses and said, “I’m a librarian”. Deneice gave a long pause and replied, “You mean like a real librarian?”

Thank you for believing ladies. Great make up will make you feel like a million bucks but the real winner is believing you are beautiful and letting Dior paint the picture. See you all at The J-Fashion Show 2014 in March!

- John Leigh

Photography by John Leigh
Lighting by Julio and Janelle Holgado
Make up by Dior
Project Coordinated by Deneice Leigh