Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Party

My trip to Japan to meet with the potential music act for our 2014 convention turned into a fantasy-like event of a trip when I decided to follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole. In this case, the white rabbit was Fumiyo Isobe and the rabbit hole was a cruise ship called the Symphony Classica.


Isobe had invited me to a grand event and today, November 2nd, was the Baby The Stars Shine Bright Lolita Tea Party. I probably lost you here, no worries. In order to move forward with this story, let me take a few steps back.


Baby The Stars Shine Bright is a clothing label started in the late 80′s by Akinori and Fumiyo Isobe. The label focuses on Sweet Lolita, a sub category of Lolita fashion.

The event attended celebrated both brands and showcased the new collection while creating an enchanting atmosphere for everyone to socialize in.


Most people refer to it simply as ‘Baby’. In 2004, a Baby clothing line known as Alice and the Pirates, was created and focused more on pirate/punk/ouji style.


By the time I received an invitation, I was told the event was sold out. Tickets were sold at 18,000 yen or about $200 each. For this you get your own personal chair at dinner, a personal number, great food and a ticket to a captivating place…on a cruise ship.


I took the Yamanote line from Shinjuku and arrived at Hamamatsucho station. A 10 minute stroll thereafter brought me to Hinode Terminal, where I was presented with credentials and a Lolita instructions manual.


I think this says ‘How to Lolita’. Rule #5 Don’t Touch.


Tomomi Nakamura, Designer for Alice and the Pirates, said, “Arrive early,” and I did indeed. The point was to take in the kawaii in the air, in small, well managed breaths, over time. It is like taking a bath in milk, while very thirsty. If you walk into a place like this unprepared your head will explode from the amount of cuteness.

Isobe walked over to me, ‘Are you ready?’

‘As soon as I finish this vodka Martini’ I answered.


Fumiyo Isobe is a legend. She has a daughter, a cute dog named Popo and a husband who collects Godzilla figurines and has the Godzilla theme song on repeat, in his car.


She walked me to the changing room where I was greeted by everyone.


I said to Tomomi, “These outfits are wonderful.”

“I hope so” she answered, “I haven’t slept in 3 days.”


Midori was looking so beautiful. Masumi Kano, Designer for Baby, was finishing up with her outfit as I walked in.


Idol, Aya Ikeda, was one of the models and looked gorgeous.


I was allowed to walk around and snap away. Lucky me!


Alice and the Pirates had a hint of steampunk for this collection.


The right accessories are a must for any outfit.


Twins! Double the cute!


Meanwhile in the main cabin, preparations for the party were under way.


Soon, everyone went down below for rehearsals.


The guests arrived as the lights dimmed…


And the fairy tale commenced.

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