Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Party Part 2

We had steak, pasta and tea, with a pinch of Fashion Show.


During rehearsals, the coordinators were confused on how to equally divide Midori’s kawaii throughout the room. It’s like she has this aura around her which everyone is drawn to.


Sumire, the story teller, dressed in Alice and the Pirates.


And the magical evening continued…


Gou from Visual Kei band Megamasso, in Alice and the Pirates.


Lolita Fashion is enchanting and beautiful. This was an unforgettable experience that will live with me forever.


Although not as common as it is in Japan, Lolita Fashion has been sparking a lot of interest in the United States. Anime Matsuri’s Fashion Show is a testament of this.

The Houston Lolita Community have created a fun Facebook group and is a great resource for everything Lolita.


The food was delicious, so I was told. I never got a chance to eat anything because I was busy shooting and helping out.


Shooting this event was difficult. First I had to deal with the overwhelming amount of kawaii…


…and I had to find spots to shoot without getting in people’s way. I was also trying to avoid getting in the other photographers’ shots.


Akira, one of Lolita fashion’s top model, was not present at the event because she is currently performing in the theater version of Sengoku Basara at the Tokyo Dome. However she will make her US debut at Anime Matsuri.


Singer Aya Ikeda looking fabulous in Baby. She will be performing at Anime Matsuri and modeling in the Fashion Show.


Misako Aoki, Japan’s Ambassador of Cute. It’s easy to see why.

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright will take the stage in Anime Matsuri’s 2014 Fashion Show with featured models Midori, Misako and Akira. The Japanese guests will also be at the Lolita Tea Party. Lolita Tea Party tickets can be purchased here. Don’t miss your chance to be part of something magical!

- John Leigh