A Night Out with Hatsune Miku

It was about 4pm as we got ready to head out to Edwards MarqE to meet up with a group of over 170 fans. The occasion? Watching The Hatsune Miku: Live in Sapporro Concert, which was being streamed live from Japan.

How technology has advanced. It seems like yesterday when I was sitting at school between classes playing Metroid 2 on my Nintendo Gameboy. The screen was monotone, the animation was amazing and the game sucked it’s player into it’s world as you battled the Metroid creatures on planet SR388.

Now we have Holograms; singing, dancing and interacting with the audience while being backed up by a live rock band. Yes, this sounds like something out of a Star Trek movie, but it’s reality. And on November 10th, we watched the virtual Diva rock the crowd in Sapporro, Japan, as it was streamed live to our theater.

As the crowd gathered and waited in line before the event, we handed out raffle tickets to everyone. Several people cosplayed their favorite Vocaloid characters, it was wonderful.

The President of Crypton Future Media, Itoh-san is our good friend, so naturally Houston was picked as one of the cities to stream this concert to by a company called Day O Productions. Anime Matsuri gave away over 20 tickets to lucky fans in a drawing earlier. We love Vocaloid and like other cool Japanese things, we try to promote it as much as we can.

By the way, we’ll be giving away tickets to a similar showing of L’Arc en Ciel on Nov 29th, so stay tuned for info on that!

People made their way into Theater 8 at the Edwards MarqE equipped with glowsticks, their singing voices and a lot of positive energy.

The Theater filled up rather quickly with an enthusiastic crowd. My son, Jetson danced so much that night.

With everyone seated and a quick announcement, the show started and from the opening song, went into overdrive.Glowsticks went up in the air and some people got up and started dancing.


If you couldn’t catch this concert at the theater, hope is not lost because the DVD and Blu Ray are both coming out later this month.

After the concert, Deneice pulled out raffle tickets to reveal the winners!

We gave out a Hatsune Miku wall scroll and an autographed Picture book both from Crypton Future Media.

Congratulations to both our winners: Anthony Hernandez and Anthony Burns

Everyone was happy, hugging eachother and taking pictures after the show. So many people came up to me to express thanks for what turned out to be an amazing night.

Cosplay makes the world go round!

A special message from Itoh-san, President of Crypton Future Media:

Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible. Most importantly, thank you to all the fans who bring life and love into a virtual character who keeps entertaining and inspiring us with every new event and show, and supporting Anime Matsuri. With your help we will bring more cool Japanese stuff to Houston. Until next time, help spread the anime love around! <3

Your hosts for the night: (from left to right): John, Jason, Deneice, Jetson, Alin, Patrick, Li, Melissa and Bryan.

A message from Houston to Japan:


- John Leigh