Thank you from Deneice


Dearest Fans and Friends,

I humbly thank all who experienced and participated in Anime Matsuri 2013 last weekend. I saw first hand how passionate and supportive our fans are. You are the driving force of the convention; and because of that, we continue to strive to bring you the best programming possible. We expected about 12k unique bodies throughout the weekend and we ended up with almost 15k. 14,989 to be exact. I am overwhelmed by this, but very excited for Anime Matsuri’s future. THANK YOU, FANS!
I know I have a hand in inviting guests, but I was stunned by this year’s line up of talents. We had some of the best voices, actors, singers, songwriters, dancers, comedians, and entertainers of the nth power that made our convention worthwhile to attend. THANK YOU, GUESTS!
The backbone of a convention is a team that brings it all together. I am so fortunate to have credible and incredible directors, coordinators, assistants, and dedicated volunteers. Your time, commitment, and execution for Anime Matsuri and our fans is truly admirable. THANK YOU, AM TEAM!
We are reading every feedback you have for us, and we appreciate it so much. As our convention grows, we encourage your input. No doubt we can improve to make Anime Matsuri an even better event; and with support, we believe our challenges can turn into achievable goals.
As my team and I embark on major plans for 2014, we hope you consider supporting us again, and share with others our venture in making our 8th annual event the best it could be.

Yours truly,

Deneice Leigh

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