2013 Promo Video Cast


On Behalf of Anime Matsuri and AM Studios, I would like to thank the cast who worked hard and put up with me in creating this video.
Our promo videos have become more than just simple commercials, they are like Superbowl Spots for what the convention represents.
I have had a great time working on every step of this production and working with such talented people.
As of the time of this update, the cast members have not seen the video or any of the sequences, so the surprise will be just as strong as it is with everyone else.
We also like to thank all our attendees and supporters, without whom none of this would be possible.

Thank you!

John Leigh
Anime Matsuri

2013 Promo Video Cast:
Aimee Ampaya
Toni Spagnoletti
Stephen Bellard
Stephany Thai
Cheryl Leung
April Martin
Carl Martin
Tia Nicole Liu
Matthew Mercer
Marisha Ray

Produced by AM Studios

Many Thanks to: Angelle Bellard, Michael Chan, Rigo Herrera, Philbert Lopez, Brian Crandall, Lynn Lui, Mercedes Dixon and The City of Houston.

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