Sponsorship Information

Maid CafĂ© Sponsor – $1000
Maid Cafe features lovely maids and handsome butlers serving the fans in wonderfully decorated room. There are also musical performances, photo-ops and dances.

JFashion Sponsor – $2500
JFashion Show features the best Designers from Japan and USA in an upscale Fashion Show in front of thousands of fans.

Club AM Sponsor – $2500
Club AM is the Anime Matsuri Rave. One of the most popular events at the convention, Club AM features popular DJs, guest performances and thousands of screaming fans

AM Cosplay Contest Sponsor – $2500
This event runs at capacity each year with over 3000 fans in the audience and the best cosplayers performing on stage.

Main Events Sponsorship – $5000
This is the top spot at the convention. The Main Event brings the live concerts and the enthusiastic fans together

Manga Lounge Sponsor – $1000
This is a place to relax, unwind and read manga

Game Room – $750
The Console Gaming Room features gaming all day and all night

Lanyard – $3500
Feature your logo on the Anime Matsuri Lanyard worn by all the attendees

Bags – $3000 (includes 1 insert)
Place your logo on the Anime Matsuri bags given to all attendees at registration. This sponsorship also includes one insert into the bag

Bag Inserts – $1000
Place your promotion material in all the Anime Matsuri bags.

For all sponsorships please contact Nathalie Mikeska at Sponsorship(at)animematsuri.com