At the door


This is the same badge as the Event Pass, you will be able to purchase it at the door, but the price drops with each day, how cool is that. No more wristbands !
The badge is good for the day you bought it PLUS the remaining days of the con. Ex. If you buy the badge on Friday, it is good for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you buy it on Saturday, You can use it for Saturday and Sunday. If you buy it on Sunday, it is good for just that day!

Please review Convention & Registration Hours in Information section of the website

3-Day Event Pass

Our Three day Access Pass will allow you access to all convention areas: events, concerts, and contests/competitions during the convention for all three days (except for the paid events/panels).


Group Passes

Group Passes are the same type of passes as the 3-Day Event Pass and allows you access the convention for all three days.

Group registration allows groups of 10 or more people to pre-register at the special rate above. There is no limit on the size of a group admission, but it must be pre-registered in advance. Group admissions cannot be purchased at the door. The deadline for Group purchase is January 31, 2014

When registering for a group, the primary registrant is the Group Leader. You can also designate a Backup Leader. These individuals will be the only ones that will be able to pick up your passes for your entire group at the registration area. Please plan accordingly and make sure that either one of them are available for this task at the convention. Group members cannot pick up the badges.

Upon processing your group’s order, confirmation emails will be sent out to all group members. Please bring the confirmation e-mail with you to the registration area when you arrive at the convention.

Group Rate (per person) – For groups of 10+ persons buying Event Passes. Please note: Group discount does not apply to Kids Pass or Superpass. You may purchase a mixture of passes in a group (ex 12 Event Passes and 4 Kids Passes), however, the discount is only applied if you have AT LEAST 10 Event passes in the group AND is only applied to Event Passes.


Superpass (Limit 300)

VIP access. No lines. Priority Seating. Amazing goodie bags.

In addition to VIP Access, the Superpass includes the following (but not limited to):

  • Special Dealers`s Room Access 30 minutes before the general public

  • VIP seating at main events/concerts

  • Special Goodie bag exclusively for Superpass members

  • Guaranteed autographs by our guests offering onsite autographs, as long as they show up on time to each session. (Does not include pre-sold sessions or merchandise)

  • Limited edition Anime Matsuri 2014 T-Shirt included


Kids Pass

Only available in non-group rate
This pass allows Children aged 6-12 access to the convention for all three days of the convention. This includes all areas, events, concerts and contests that will be occurring on those days.
Price is $25 online by February 21, 2014 for the three day weekend.

Special Note: Children between 6 to 12 years of age are admitted but MUST be accompanied by an adult 18 or over. Kids 5 and under are admitted free, but MUST be accompanied by an adult 18 or over.

Anime Matsuri 2014 T-shirt

Anime Matsuri`s Official T-shirt for 2014. Own a piece of the convention’s history and relive the great times at Anime Matsuri 2014 with the shirt.(S – XL; larger sizes are subject to additional fee)