2014 AMV Contest

Its time to show off those supreme editing skills once more. That’s right people, the 6th annual Anime Matsuri AMV contest is coming up! And we’re looking for next years hottest videos with some killer tracks to be broadcast on the big screen in front of a live audience and panel of guest judges at our contest event. Last year we had an amazing turn out so you don’­t wanna miss on this chance to shine like the star that you are. Not to mention the great prizes we have lined up for all our winners. Anime Matsuri has seen some great videos in the past years so make sure to bring your A game to the table.

The rules and registration have changed a little bit so please make sure to fully go over all the guidelines. This year we hope to bring more competition to the AMV contest with a new subcategory — Fan Favorite . This takes the decision out of the judge’­s hands and lets our Con goers choose the video they liked best. But the Judges will still have a big say so in our other categories: Best Drama, Best Action, Best Comedy, and Best Romance. We still have the Mac-daddy of all titles the Grand Prize winner of Best Video Overall. This year our Grand Prize package will include a sweet trophy and a chance to be a part of Anime Matsuri’s 2014 AMTV feature. So submit your video now or start working on the next great masterpiece and show the world what mad skills you have.

If you have any questions make sure to please contact me via the official Anime Matsuri Website and forums. For any questions please PM or E-mail at amv(at)animematsuri(dot)com

Now just follow the link below to submit your very own Anime Music Video(s) to our contest. Good luck to everyone, we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

Anime Matsuri 2014 AMV Contest Rules:


  • Anime Matsuri will be keeping things PG-13. As such, all entrants will be required to follow the MPAA rules (
    We strive to keep a fun, “Family Friendly” atmosphere, and any entries that fail to comply with the PG-13 guidelines will be disqualified.
    Easy Translation: No Hentai or songs with a lot of profanity.

  • The contest will be judged on 1 main category and 4 subcategories.

    Main: Best Video Overall

    Best Action ★ Best Romance ★ Best Comedy ★ Best Drama ★ Fan Favorite

  • Maximum length of the AMV cannot exceed 7 Minutes.

  • Entrants can submit up to 8 videos for the competition, but only one will be chosen for each subcategory. You can not have multiple AMVs in a single category, and you cannot have a single AMV in two or more subcategories.

  • AMVs must not have any credits, intro, text, logos, or any other identifiable marking. They will be added for you including, intro titles, your name/s and your video’s details. Text that you inserted yourself for the sake of helping the story is allowed, subject to approval by the AMV Coordinator.


  • Audio: 44.1 kHz or higher PCM, or MP3 (all formats), or Layer 2 audio for MPEG2 submissions (at least 224kbp)

  • Video: AVI, Windows Media, MPEG (all formats), DVD-R XviD or DivX MPEG4 at 3.3Mbps or higher.

  • You can send multiple copies of the video in different formats but only those in the formats listed above can be used. Please take the time to make sure your entry will be playable.


  • The AMVs chosen during the pre-judging will be put into subcategories and move on to be shown at the convention in a random order and judged based on pre-selected criteria. After the subcategory winners have been chosen, they (the subcategory winners) will then compete to see whose video is worthy of the title Best Video Overall.

  • Winners for the categories Best Action, Best Comedy, Best Romance, Best Drama, and Best overall are selected by the AMV judges. The category Fan Favorite will be chosen by the audience that attends the contest. In the event of a split decision between the judges and a winner cannot be decided upon unanimously, we will go with a majority ruling.


  • The Anime Matsuri AMV Coordinator and/or Chairmen reserve the right to disqualify any entry for any reason they deem necessary.

  • In the event of your disqualification from the contest and you feel that it was unjust, you may appeal the AMV coordinator after the event and he/she will explain the reason of disqualification.


  • The Grand Prize package will include the following. One trophy, AM T-Shirt, AM Industry package worth $500 and a spot in Anime Matsuri 2014′s AMTV feature. (Best Video Overall)

  • The Subcategory winners will each receive a $50 prize package from AAA Anime, AM T-Shirt and a certificate(Best Action, Best Romance, Best Comedy, Best Drama, and Fan Favorite)

  • You are not required to be present to register for the AMV contest. As such, you are not required to be present to win. Any winners who are not present will be contacted after the convention via the e-mail address given when they submitted their video. Arrangements will then be made for the winner to receive the associated prize.

  • All major prizes are donated, and the Anime Matsuri staff and coordinator accept no responsibility for any problems with the prize. If there is a problem with a prize, we will happily assist you in contacting the vendor who donated it. This includes any trophies, plaques, or certificates given to the subcategory winners as well.

Entry Registration:

All entries must be received by February 20′th, 2014 to allow time for the pre-judging and production of the event.

Extensive research will be done on each video in order to help maintain the honesty and integrity of the contest and its entrants. Please only submit videos that you or your group created. Submitting anyone else’s video will result in your disqualification from the AMV competition. AMVs that have been submitted to Anime Maturi in past years will not be eligible to compete. As well as any videos that have premiered before March 24th, 2014.

AMV Contest


    1.Go to MEGA
    2. UPLOAD your VIDEO file.
    3. COPY the link when the upload is complete.
    4. PASTE that link here.

    You can also use google drive to upload files and send us the link.
    By submitting this form, i certify that the attached video submission is my original work, and I understand that submitting another person's video as my own will result in my disqualification from Anime Matsuri's AMV contest as well as any other contest held by Anime Matsuri. I also understand that by submitting this video, Anime Matsuri reserves the right to use the video as they see fit, public viewing, etc.