Anime Matsuri Nerdlesque Show (18+)

Enjoy a night of scantily clad burlesque beauties paying homage to their favorite geek pleasures. Featuring cosplay star, Stella Chuu and hometown heroes Minxie Molotov, Vivienne Vermuth, Molly Macabre, and hosted by MT Molotov. Explore the classic world of striptease with a twist. This is sure to be an experience where your nerdiest fantasies are brought to life.

Minxie Molotov


Minxie is a member of Broads and Panties Burlesque in Dallas, TX. She also performs regularly with A Plumb Askew Revue, an all nerdlesque production in Plano, TX.
The cocktail that will set you on fire!


Vivienne Vermuth


Vivienne is the founder of Broads and Panties Burlesque and the director of the Denton Dr Sketchys. She is also an award winning hair and makeup artist and all around living art project. She performs all over, from LA to Chicago and everywhere in between. She also frequently performs with Viva Dallas Burlesque, the Burlesque Experience Starlets, and more! She is the rockin concoction that always shakin’ and never stirred – Vivienne Vermuth!
The rockin concoction that is always shakin’ and never stirred, Vivienne Vermuth!


Molly Macabre


Molly Macabre has been performing burlesque since May 2012 and has been the producer of the Plumb Askew Revue in Plano, TX since December 2012. Molly specializes in nerdlesque, horror, historical themes, and pop culture fantasies. She is very proud to say she has performed in six burlesque festivals in this short amount of time including Las Vegas and an international performance in Dublin, Ireland! Molly works full time as an accountant (NERD!) and when she is not performing burlesque, she works as a choreographer, beginner’s burlesque instructor and music mixer/editor. She also performs in musical theater and standard theater productions.
Thick & Sick


Stella Chuu


Take two parts geek and one parts sexual icon and you get Stella Chuu. She is taking the nerd world by storm one piece of clothing at a time. Stella is a cosplayer and burlesque performer from NYC. Mixing pop culture and striptease together, she creates unique performances that are sure to make your jaw drop. Dubbed the Anime Princess of Burlesque, Stella has toured all across the United States.
The Anime Princess of Burlesque

MT Molotov


Mooseknuckle Thunder (AKA MT)Molotov was the first male member of Dallas’ infamous Broads and Panties Burlesque. He’s MC’d for Viva Dallas Burlesque, A Plumb Askew review, Leather and Lace Productions, and numerous other events. He’s known as the Ginger Avenger and loves to say all the nice things about all the beautiful people.