Lolita Tea Party

You are cordially invited to Anime Matsuri’s Lolita Tea Party

What’s Happening:

A limited number of tickets are available to attend The Lolita Tea Party on Saturday and SUnday at Anime Matsuri
There will be games and activities
Food and drinks will be served.

Purchasing Tickets

You need a valid convention badge to access the Lolita Tea Party
Lolita Tea Party Tickets are available online in limited quantities. You can also purchase tickets at Anime Matsuri’s Registration at $40/ticket on a first-come first served basis during the convention, if they are still available at that time

If you purchase tickets to this special event it is assumed you fully agree to all ticketing policy, conduct, and dress guidelines.

Please arrive 20 minutes before start of the event for seating and wear your finest Lolita fashions or formal attire. No cosplay is permitted for this event.

Use the form below to purchase tickets.Payment is either via Paypal


Ticketing Policy

All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable
Ticket is used for one purchaser. A child of any age attending must have a ticket purchased

Anime Matsuri is not responsible for any lost tickets.

Each ticket sold will have a unique number and must be presented for each event.

Policies for the Lolita Tea Party may be subject to change as needed.

General Conduct

Products/bags from the Dealer’s Room will not be allowed due to limited space.
No more than ONE doll or stuffed animal may be allowed, and must be placed on or within your seat space.

Talking on the phone will not be allowed. Please excuse yourself if you must take a call. Cell phones & PDA’s and other communication devices must be set to ‘silent’.

Proper manners and courtesy should be shown to others. No shouting, profanity or ill-will talks, please.

Solicitations are prohibited. This includes fliers, coupons, or any material advertisements.
Outside food and drink is strictly prohibited.

Asking for autographs outside any designated autograph session is not allowed.

Photography and video recording are acceptable.

Event DressĀ 

Gothic and Lolita attire are not required, but is highly encouraged.

Black or white tie formal wear are acceptable, including military or law enforcement wear with supporting credentials.

Casual attire is not allowed.
Examples include, but not limited to:

  • Shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Sandals

This is NOT a cosplay event. All cosplay ensembles are inappropriate

Examples include but not limited to:

  • Purposely replicating anime characters and their respective outfits.
  • Mana cosplay.
  • Chii ears, Naruto headbands or cosplay wings, etc.
  • Cosplay related props and/or weapons.