Lights! Camera! Cosplay!

Wear a costume of your favorite character, walk on the stage and win prizes as you entertain the fans and wow the judges. You are the star!

This is where the attendees compete for various awards in Cosplay. From complicated skits to simple walk-ons, this contest celebrates the art and talent of bringing your favorite characters to life on stage.

Date: Saturday, March 15th, 2013

Time: 5:00pm

Location:  Main Events Arena

Cosplayers will be competing for the following Awards and Prizes:


Best In Show – 30%
People’s Choice – 20%

The Bill Winans Award
The GSTQF Award (God Save The Queen Fashions)
The Reika Award


First Place – 15%
Second Place – 10%
Third Place – 5%


Advanced First Place – 12.5% + Brother SE400 Embroidery & Sewing Machine
Advanced Second Place
Advanced Third Place

Intermediate First Place – 5%
Intermediate Second Place
Intermediate Third Place

Novice First Place – 2.5%
Novice Second Place
Novice Third Place

Prize Pot
Anime Matsuri is raising as much as we can for the contest prize pot. The convention has put in $2000 and anyone is free to add to the amount via the our gofundme account!. Support Cosplay!