Please read! Anime Matsuri offers a limited amount of slots for pre-purchased Autograph and/or Photo-ops with some of our guests to support them/sales of their merchandise. This is a service we provide our attendees also to avoid long lines at the convention, most of the time not knowing if you will get what you waited for.
Please be advised, some of the guests have limited time for autographs because of the busy schedule at the convention. We do what we can to schedule at least of each session per guest.
Pre-purchasing an autograph and/or photo op guarantees you a slot and comes with specific merchandise from the guest. For example, all Nightmare autographs come with their latest CD. You can choose if you want the CD autographed or any other article (subject to approval).
When we run out of slots, we will mark it as sold out. At the convention, after all attendees with pre-sold items have been taken care of, and depending on time/schedule, we can serve others. However this is not guaranteed. Keep checking back as we add items and guests.

Autographed Merchandise
Each autograph comes with merchandise from the guest. You can decide to have that item autographed or another article (subject to approval). The sale is for one autograph/item only. While the guest is signing you will have limited time to talk to them, please be respectful of time constraints. No cameras/photos during autograph sessions.

Gives you the opportunity to take a photograph with the guest/s. You will receive a glossy 4×6 copy on site and a digital copy for download on the website. Max 2 people per photo op. Each Photo op also comes with a merchandise article from the guest. No outside cameras allowed in the photo-op room. Time is important so please be respectful so others can get their turn.

Refunds must be requested within 14 days from the time of purchase and subject to a $5 service fee

Online reservation is closed. Please buy at the convention.

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