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Putumayo announced for Anime Matsuri 2015’s Japanese Fashion Show with Designer as Special Guest

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The second Brand announced for Anime Matsuri’s 2015 Japanese Fashion Show is popular brand Putumayo. In addition, Putumayo Designer, Hasegawa will join the convention as a Special Guest. He will be hosting a Q&A Session and panels on Japanese Fashion as well as a Guest at the Lolita Tea Party.

Putumayo will be featured in the 2015 J-Fashion Show titled ‘Monster’, and have a booth in the exhibit hall with the latest items from the brand.

Putumayo is a Japanese fashion brand with a wide range of styles that include Punk, Lolita, and Gothic. Putumayo’s designer, Hasegawa, has described the brand’s concept as “A little cute but with a poisonous atmosphere.” Ever since Putumayo’s first store opened in 1990 their effortless mix of cute and dark have been irresistable. Putumayo has done many wonderful collaborations with popular Japanese games, anime, and brands including Amnesia, Tales of Symphonia, Chuunibyou, Creamy Mami, and Disney.

Popular Lolita Brand Metamorphose joins Anime Matsuri 2015. President and Designer Announced as Guests.

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Anime Matsuri is proud to announce popular Metamorphose as the first brand for 2015. Founded in 1993 in Kyoto, Japan, Metamorphose has been a driving force behind lolita fashion since the founding of the style.

Their Brand Concept is described as :






Wanting to be cuter and more beautiful.

Sometimes wanting to be cute, but other times wanting to be like a lady, or just wanting to express all the different versions of yourself.  Wanting to transform.

The lolita fashion brand “Metamorphose” cannot be held by a genre,

being a lolita fashion brand for lolita-chan searching for their very own lolita style.


In addition, Company President Ryo  Matsuoka and Designer Chinatsu Taira will be joining us from Japan. Their panel schedule will be announced shortly. They will also be Guests at the Tea Party on Sunday.

Hotel Reservations for 2015 now open

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Hotel reservations for Anime Matsuri 2015 at the Hilton Americas is now open. The Hilton Americas is connected to the George R. Brown Convention Center via two sky bridges making it very convenient for attendees to go back and forth.

Rooms are $154 for rooms with King or Double Queen beds.

To book your hotel room, go here or click on the image below

2015 Artist Alley booth sales now open

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Sales of Artist Alley booths for 2015 have just opened to the general public. We have limited number of booths available for those seeking to purchase one. Please read the rules and regulations before making your purchase.

The Artist Alley will be located in Exhibit hall A/B in the Vendors Room.



To purchase your table please go to here

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