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SFX Make-Up Workshop by Face-Off Season 6 finalist Tyler Green and Bethany Serpico

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Anime Matsuri presents a 2 hour Special Effects Makeup Workshop by SyFy’s Face Off Season 6 finalist Tyler Green and contestant Bethany Serpico.

The theme will be Fantasy and they will create the character below (original artwork by Nicholas Kelly) from scratch on a live model. This panel is free for all Anime Matsuri attendees to attend and interact with the hosts as demonstrate, teach and give insight to how it is done.

Tyler Green

Tyler Green serves as the COO of Creative Genius and is an inventor of consumer gadgets and accessories. He also uses his artistic ability and skills to work within a variety of other industries that require his expertise in special effects art and prosthetics. As the main working partner in the business, he is responsible for driving the process of product creation from conception to full scale production. He uses an intuitive and innovative approach to the creative process that wins time and again. Tyler’s incredible unique talents and achievements have over the years been featured in newspapers, magazines, on radio and television. He was a finalist on the sixth season of the hit SyFy reality tv series Face Off. He also conceptualized and developed the Wonderband Systems™, an intricate intelligent concept for gripping items with applications in multiple industries.

Bethany Serpico

Bethany Serpico initially planned to be a video game designer, but when she began sculpting creatures for th games she planned on making, she found a new artistic outlet and began creating the characters off screen. After graduating Make- up designory, she began her freelance career with work in haunted houses, and since as worked on Live wih Kelly and Michael, Natonal Gegraphic Brain Games, and many other shows and film work. She was a contestant on Season 6 of Syfy’s show Face Off. She is based in New York

Angelic Pretty outfits at The Grand Tea Party

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The Houston Grand Tea Party just wrapped up and Japanese Fashion was the main course.  Here is group photo with everyone in Angelic Pretty. AP Designer, Asuka requested this photo.


The outfits in the pic are (from left to right):

Top Row: Loyal Rosette, Lady Christine, Victorian Letter, Victorian Letter, Musee du Chocolat, Crystal Dream Carnival, Star Night Theater, Fancy Paper Dolls

Bottom Row: Lucienne Dream, Royal Unicorn, Cameo Window, Cream Cookie Collection

You can get your very own Angelic Pretty outfit and meet the Designers in person at their official booth in the Exhibit Hall at Anime Matsuri.

For more information on Angelic Pretty, please check out their official website

Photo by Julio Holgado

Voice Acting Workshop and Animation Mythology with Crispin Freeman at Anime Matsuri 2015

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Voice talent extraordinaire, Crispin Freeman is bringing two popular panels/workshops to Anime Matsuri 2015. Now our attendees can meet him and experience his popular workshops. These events are very high in demand and sold out wherever he goes. There is usually a fee to access them, however their debut at Anime Matsuri will be free to all our attendees.

Check out Crispin’s bio and characters here

Voice Acting Workshop

Crispin’s live Voice Acting Workshop is always a standing-room only crowd pleaser. Crispin starts this panel with an exploration of what makes good and bad dubs in anime. This includes a humorous look at some of the worst dubbing in anime history. Then, it’s time for the audience to try dubbing. Volunteers will be selected to step up to the microphone and voice act in an actual anime show. It’s a hands on experience that cannot be duplicated outside of a professional studio. Crispin brings his own ProTools recording system with him to let con goers experience what it’s like behind the mic in a Los Angeles studio.

Animation Mythology

Explore the different mythological hero journeys that manifest in both American and Japanese animation. Learn how the different religions and mythological traditions of each culture shape the cosmology of their stories. This in turn dictates the type of journey the hero will take.

Check out the trailer to this panel below:

Project Lightstorm 2015 Submissions

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Last year we began a project with local cosplayers and photographers to bring a different light to cosplay, to show the artistic side both from cosplayers and photographers point of view. These pictures were then displayed on a 4k display at the AM booth and around Houston. It is a project we would like to continue for the purpose of exposing the art of cosplay not just within the community but beyond.

We are looking for cosplayers, if you would like to take part in this project please fill out the form below. Please include at least two cosplays you would like to be considered for the project along with a picture of each. Houston and surrounding areas or willing to travel to Houston for the shoot which will be scheduled in advance. Looking forward to another great year of Project Lightstorm.

For any questions or comments, you can contact me directly at cosplay(at)animematsuri(dot)com.

– Maria Vasquez (Cosplay Director)

  • If you have one.

Little Witch Academia 2 coming to Anime Matsuri

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In 2013, Studio TRIGGER made an animated short called Little Witch Academia for a project created by the Japanese government to encourage and train young animators, called Anime Mirai.

Little Witch Academia came with a positive message: “Never forget, a believing heart is your magic”, a coming of age cross between Harry Potter and Teen Witch. It is an incredible piece of animation, for everyone. The story, characters, humor and animation are top notch. I cannot praise it enough.

It was a big hit. As a matter of fact it made such an impact that when TRIGGER appealed to the fans to help raise funds for the next episode, the feedback was overwhelming. The Kickstarter had a goal of $150,000 and raised $625,518!

Currently, the small team at Studio TRIGGER is working on the second episode with a projected completion date of mid 2015. The team will preview Little Witch Academia 2 at Anime Matsuri on April 3-5, 2015 with the Director, Yoshinari Yoh present.

Yoshinari has also sent us a never before seen art piece from the second episode. Check it out below:

This is such an exciting time for us. We are deeply humbled to have this opportunity, not only to showcase this remarkable achievement in animation but to create a direct link between the creators and the fans. 2015 is shaping up to be a magical year.

-John Leigh

Project Lightstorm 2014 – John’s Gallery

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Last year I wanted to do something interesting with Cosplay Photography so with the help of some talented photographers and cosplayers, we shot images around downtown Houston and displayed them on a 4k screen at various events and locations around Houston. I called this Project Lightstorm.

As you can imagine shooting, editing and displaying in 4k comes with a lot of challenges, but the end result brought an exciting point of view to the talent and work behind cosplay, mostly to those who had no idea.

Here is a gallery of my resized photos. We plan to do this again for 2015.

Love, John

Angelic Pretty Joins Anime Matsuri’s 2015 J-Fashion Lineup

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Anime Matsuri welcomes Popular Japanese Fashion Brand, Angelic Pretty to our 2015 event on April 3-5. Designer/Illustrator Maki and Designer/PR Asuka will be our Special Guests.

Angelic Pretty will be featured in Anime Matsuri’s 2015 Japanese Fashion Show titled ‘Monster’, joining previously announced Japanese brands Putumayo and Metamorphose. They will also be featured at the Skyline Lolita Tea Party on April 5, 2015 in the Hilton Americas.

AP will feature one of their largest selection at an event. Be sure to check out their booth in the Fashion Square in Exhibit Hall A&B at the convention.

Thanks to an enthusiastic fan base and Anime Matsuri’s huge J-Fashion programming, Lolita Fashion has gained immense popularity in this region. We hope everyone can experience the 2015 J-Fashion Show filled with exciting new characters, a gripping storyline and new soundtrack.

Visit Angelic Pretty’s website here

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