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Project Lightstorm 2014 – John’s Gallery

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Last year I wanted to do something interesting with Cosplay Photography so with the help of some talented photographers and cosplayers, we shot images around downtown Houston and displayed them on a 4k screen at various events and locations around Houston. I called this Project Lightstorm.

As you can imagine shooting, editing and displaying in 4k comes with a lot of challenges, but the end result brought an exciting point of view to the talent and work behind cosplay, mostly to those who had no idea.

Here is a gallery of my resized photos. We plan to do this again for 2015.

Love, John

Angelic Pretty Joins Anime Matsuri’s 2015 J-Fashion Lineup

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Anime Matsuri welcomes Popular Japanese Fashion Brand, Angelic Pretty to our 2015 event on April 3-5. Designer/Illustrator Maki and Designer/PR Asuka will be our Special Guests.

Angelic Pretty will be featured in Anime Matsuri’s 2015 Japanese Fashion Show titled ‘Monster’, joining previously announced Japanese brands Putumayo and Metamorphose. They will also be featured at the Skyline Lolita Tea Party on April 5, 2015 in the Hilton Americas.

AP will feature one of their largest selection at an event. Be sure to check out their booth in the Fashion Square in Exhibit Hall A&B at the convention.

Thanks to an enthusiastic fan base and Anime Matsuri’s huge J-Fashion programming, Lolita Fashion has gained immense popularity in this region. We hope everyone can experience the 2015 J-Fashion Show filled with exciting new characters, a gripping storyline and new soundtrack.

Visit Angelic Pretty’s website here

Tomorrow’s announcement

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Tomorrow we announce our third Japanese fashion brand for 2015. Exciting times await. The teaser image above gives me goosebumps as Midori’s silhouette looks against a window in Dracula’s Castle. She plays Queen Lilith in the 2015 show. It’s interesting how much character this image has, yet gives away very little.

As excited as I am about our 2015 program, I’m very happy about the positive impact certain aspects of our event has had on some attendees. Below is a note from an attendee named Sally:

“Hello, my name is Sally Yuen, and I am from Hong Kong. Along with my family, I moved to America in November 2004 when I was 11 years old. We came here to seek for a better education and future opportunities.

My life has been pretty plain until 2011. It was a memorable year because not only I graduated from high school, 2011 was the year that I first got into Lolita and obtained my first dress. Browsing many images online, I found that Lolita was super cute (something that is irresistible for any girls)! I thought, “One day I wanted to become a little princess!” This was the reason I got into Lolita (although primarily was because of watching Kuroshitsuji). I purchased my first Lolita dress from Anna House, and their store shocked me at the moment I walked in. It was absolutely adorable and filled with Lolita dresses! From that moment, I decided that Lolita will be part of my life.

I like Lolita because it gives me a special feeling. A feeling of being inside my dream world that I can be pretty and happy at the same time. Also, Lolita has influenced me to become more outgoing. I have made many new friends because of Lolita, which is something that I have never thought about. Therefore, I feel very thankful to Lolita Fashion and would love to continue meeting other new Lolitas. I used to wear Lolita alone in the past, but it is not true anymore!

Finally, I am very happy and thankful that Anime Matsuri is doing so much for Lolita Fashion. In my opinion, Anime Matsuri has made Houston a fun place! It lives up Houston with Lolita Fashion! They give every Lolita lover an opportunity to experience Lolita fashion events without she or he having to travel to Japan. For example, meeting Japanese models, talking to designers, experiencing a Japanese Lolita brand store, attending tea parties and watching fashion show…I love everything! Therefore, I look forward to any future Lolita events that Anime Matsuri is planning!”

Thank you for the inspiration. Exciting times await.

- John Leigh

Popular Lolita Brand Metamorphose joins Anime Matsuri 2015. President and Designer Announced as Guests.

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Anime Matsuri is proud to announce popular Metamorphose as the first brand for 2015. Founded in 1993 in Kyoto, Japan, Metamorphose has been a driving force behind lolita fashion since the founding of the style.

Their Brand Concept is described as :






Wanting to be cuter and more beautiful.

Sometimes wanting to be cute, but other times wanting to be like a lady, or just wanting to express all the different versions of yourself.  Wanting to transform.

The lolita fashion brand “Metamorphose” cannot be held by a genre,

being a lolita fashion brand for lolita-chan searching for their very own lolita style.


In addition, Company President Ryo  Matsuoka and Designer Chinatsu Taira will be joining us from Japan. Their panel schedule will be announced shortly. They will also be Guests at the Tea Party on Sunday.

Hotel Reservations for 2015 now open

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Hotel reservations for Anime Matsuri 2015 at the Hilton Americas is now open. The Hilton Americas is connected to the George R. Brown Convention Center via two sky bridges making it very convenient for attendees to go back and forth.

Rooms are $154 for rooms with King or Double Queen beds.

To book your hotel room, go here or click on the image below

2015 Artist Alley booth sales now open

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Sales of Artist Alley booths for 2015 have just opened to the general public. We have limited number of booths available for those seeking to purchase one. Please read the rules and regulations before making your purchase.

The Artist Alley will be located in Exhibit hall A/B in the Vendors Room.



To purchase your table please go to here

Welcome Lockshop Wigs to Anime Matsuri

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It is my great honor as a member of the J-Fashion team to welcome Coco Milk and Lockshop Wigs to Anime Matsuri 2015. We are thrilled to host Lockshop during their US debut, and we welcome them to the wonderful city of Houston!

Lockshop produces high-quality, heat resistant wigs designed for Japanese street fashion, including Lolita. Anime Matsuri is continually expanding upon the J-Fashion show and we are delighted to welcome Lockshop Wigs and Coco Milk to our J-Fashion family!


- Becky Maset, J-Fashion Team

Welcome to our brand new website

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Our 2015 site has been completely revamped to give our visitors a great level of emotional connection to our convention. While the back end is rather complex, the UI is simple to use and easy to navigate.  If you are a first timer at Anime Matsuri, the website should also help you draw a picture of what to expect, who to see and all the exciting things you can do at the convention.

Thank you for stopping by. Look around and have fun.

- John Leigh, Director

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